Dream Bigger, Heal Bigger, Live Bigger

We are ready to meet you wherever you are on your life's journey. 

What Makes Sol Different?

We open up our arms to help you open your mind.
Healing should be accessible to all.


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How to Create the Life You Want and Heal with SOL

Becoming an active participant in your life begins with having a consistent space to feel heard and supported. A space that encourages creativity and positivity and shines hope on everything and everyone around it. A space that helps you nurture a relationship with your inner healer.

Sol Wellness purposely pushes the limits of traditional counseling so you can reach your full potential on every level. We believe psychology, spirituality and wellness are each a crucial part of wellness, and that together, they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Because we are committed to practicing these same principles of wellness in our own lives every day, we know we can help you do the same. Our work together is a partnership, and our goal is to create a personally tailored approach to meet your exact needs and live your dreams. 

Wherever your healing path leads you, our promise is to meet you with integrity every step of the way.


Sol Healing Services

When it comes to healing, you deserve nothing less than everything.

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Individual Counseling and Guidance

Create the life you want to live.

Whether you have specific concerns or are working to create your dreams, individual sessions will help build awareness of patterns and obstacles that may be preventing you from being everything you want to be.  


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Relationship Counseling and Guidance


Be authentic in your relationship and feel supported by your community. 

Is there a negative dynamic keeping you stuck? You can go from resigned to renewed and become a better partner, a better parent, a better co-worker and a better member of the community. We help you discover each unhealthy communication pattern and heal it with a new tool. 


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Child and Family Counseling and Guidance

Heal your family bond and connections. 

A healthy family connection is the most important and loving thing for everyone in the home. But life can interrupt this connection in so many ways, small to big. When that happens even once, but especially when it happens repeatedly, it is very difficult to recover alone. 


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Alternative Healing Therapies

Healing for your whole mind, body and spirit. 

We are so excited at SOL Wellness to have both the experience and the resources to blend traditional therapy and alternative therapy methods to help heal your whole being: Mind, body and spirit.


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Educational and Support Groups

The sum can be greater than its parts. 

Our connection to each other is one of the most healing and powerful tools for growth and wellness. 


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Psychological Evaluation

Get the support you need.

Sometimes life asks us for things and we have no idea where to turn. If you are required to provide a Psychological Evaluation for legal or medical reasons, we can help you get all the support you need.


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My vision has always been to create spaces where people can feel held, cared for and inspired. With SOL, I want to create a healing space accessible to everyone: Every community, every age, every culture, every income. To change the idea that asking for help is weak or shameful. To change the idea that therapy is only for solving problems, and that it can also be for creating wellness. To provide a place where people feel proud to connect with love, with themselves and with one another and feel the joy of being active members in their journey through life. Most of all, I want to help people dig down deep and hear their own “Sol”.