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Indivdual Counseling and Guidance

Create the Life You Want to Live

Whether you have specific concerns or are working to create your dreams, individual sessions will help build awareness of patterns and obstacles that may be preventing you from being everything you want to be. 

Once patterns are identified, we work to create the right combination of tools to change those patterns so you can thrive. In SOL and in life!

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Relationship Counseling and Guidance


Be authentic in your relationships and feel supported by your community

Is there a negative dynamic keeping you stuck? You can go from resigned to renewed and become a better partner, a better parent, a better co-worker and a better member of the community. We help you discover each unhealthy communication pattern and heal it with a new tool. 

When you have the right tools, a positive flow now begins: You are truer to yourself, which makes your communication clearer which makes all of your interactions stronger. What felt difficult now feels possible. What felt angry now feels peaceful. 


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Child and Family Counseling and Guidance

Heal your family bond and connections

The bond between parents and children is sacred. A healthy family connection is the most important and loving thing for everyone in the home. But life can interrupt this connection in so many ways, small to big. When that happens even once, but especially when it happens repeatedly, it is very difficult to recover alone. 

We can help your family go from struggle to snuggle, shame to pride, with tools for all situations, whether they are specific issues or life transitions. 

Moving your family dynamic from fear and pain to love and hope and restoring this bond, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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Alternative Healing Therapies


Healing for your whole mind, body and spirit

We are so excited at SOL Wellness to have both the experience and the resources to blend traditional therapy and alternative therapy methods to help heal your whole being: Mind, body and spirit.

Many of our alternative techniques can be woven directly into our Individual, Relationship, and Child and Family Counseling and Guidance sessions. Some require separate sessions. We’ll help you determine which are the most empowering for you and the healing work you’re doing.

Services include: 

Reiki Healing
Energy Healing
Cranial Sacral Treatment
Animal Assisted Therapy

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Educational and Support Groups


The sum can be greater than its parts

Everything about SOL Wellness was inspired by family and community. We truly believe we are all connected. By birth, by culture, by goals by neighborhoods, and by our desire to support each other in living our most authentic lives possible.

Our connection to each other is one of the most healing and powerful tools for growth and wellness. Through group learning and support, SOL Wellness provides you with both a community and a space to build those connections, and specific classes to meet you where you are.

Our groups and classes include: 

Mindfulness Meditation
Parent Education
Pet Loss Support
More are always being added

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Psychological Evaluation


Get the Support You Need

Sometimes life asks us for things and we have no idea where to turn. If you are required to provide a Psychological Evaluation for legal or medical reasons, we can help you get all the support you need.

Our comprehensive evaluation includes: 

Two-hour Diagnostic Session with one of our therapists
All required reporting
Follow-up appointment