How To Heal Out Loud & And Why It’s So Important

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Do you know someone who gives awesome hugs?

Who holds you with their whole selves and for a second longer than everyone else? Do you find yourself seeking them out?

That’s because after that hug you feel seen. Valued. And more alive than ever.  That feeling emanates from you the rest of the day.

In that moment healing happened, and it happened out loud.

Healing means to come back to wholeness. It means repairing and restoring our mind, body and spirit when they are out of balance or suffering. And one of most important components for healing is through our contact with others.

As a therapist who truly believes healing is a spiritual journey, the heart of my work has been to shatter all feelings of shame and weakness around getting help for mental health. Trying rather, to encourage everyone to share their struggles and aha moments with one another.  

Sharing our healing journey can be the light for others to heal. What we keep in the dark stays dark, hidden and shameful.  It is only light that dispels darkness. We can be the light for each one another. When we are encouraged to heal out loud, we pay wellness forward, empowering and inspiring everyone to participate in creating the life they want.  

So why don’t we share our healing journey with others? Actually celebrate it?

What would happen if we posted a picture of ourselves laughing or sobbing (or both!) and described a breakthrough moment with a therapist in addition to posting pictures of the great meals or vacations we just had?

This: We would connect rather than disconnect. Speak up rather than stay silent. Cheer each other’s journey rather than criticize or judge it.  We would inspire others to say “Yes! I want that too! How did you do that?”

And the ripple effect of healing would begin: A ripple of energetic positivity and curiosity instead of a spiral of shame and weakness. A ripple of feeling empowered by the joy of someone’s wholeness instead of isolated with the fear of our brokenness.

Imagine that ripple going out into our families. Our communities. Our cities. Our world.

Imagine that ripple going through your own life.

That is the power of healing out loud.